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Group music and Children’s Art sessions are invoiced for three times a year, with the option to pay each invoice in two instalments.



Lesson duration



Apple Course


 30 minutes



Music Wonderland


 45 minutes



Junior Music Course


 60 minutes



Junior Fundamental Course


 60 minutes



Junior Extension Course


 60 minutes



Junior Advanced Course


 60 minutes group + 30 minutes individual



Yamaha individual lesson


Arranged with office


£36 per hour

Private instrumental, vocal and theory tuition


Arranged with teacher





Arranged with teacher



Children’s Art


60 minutes





Arranged with teacher





Arranged with teacher





Yamaha Music School course materials are dependent on the exchange rate. Please check latest version.

Subsidised lesson fees for group music are available to families who genuinely would not otherwise be able to afford music tuition for their children. Please contact Lindsay MacKenzie at the music school office.

Yamaha Music School
Matrix and its teachers require one term’s notice (usually six weeks) if students would like to discontinue lessons with us. This gives us time to resolve any difficulties you may be experiencing and to reorganise classes if necessary. NB: the holidays cannot be included as part of the notice period as the centre is shut at these times.
Please see How we work for more detailed information about the notice period.




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