Oxford Town Hall - Senior Concert - 25 November 2018

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Venue: Oxford Town Hall
Concert time: 2.30pm (doors 2.15pm)
Rehearsal: is at the town hall between 11 and 1.30pm the same day. We will send the actual times your child is needed via email.



Here are the pdf files and lyrics for the song all classes will sing at the Senior Concert:

Some Day My Dream (with singer).mp3

Some Day My Dream (accompaniment only).mp3


Someday My Dream…

I could take the stars above;
Rearrange them one by one;
Make a new world filled with love;
Beautiful for ev’ryone.
There are no kings or criminals
In the world that I’m dreaming of.
I dream that one day,
In this world, ev’ryone holds hands together

Dream, dream; nothing’s impossible.
Dream, dream;
Dream your best dream right now.
Dreams come true.

Ask the wind, then you will know
How to make your dreams come true.
Have some courage, then you can show
There is nothing you can’t do.
If you are lonely, I’ll cheer you up
With a big smile upon my face.
Now, dream of the day
When ev’ryone will be happy together

Chorus x 2

Dreams come true.

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